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At Rockwood Preparatory Academy we strive to have open, honest, and regular communication with all families in our school community.   Here are some of the recent comments we’ve received via social media, Google reviews, and our weekly text messaging program

"I love the routine that Mr. D and the school have established. It's helping my child really focus and feel connected. I love the spirit weeks and assemblies. I know teachers are working extra hard to make engaging as possible!" - Parent POSSIP Comment, March 2021

"Mr. M is an excellent teacher who motivates his students a lot to continue complying with their classes. I love the communication he has with the parents, in my case he always keeps me up to date with what happens with my student" .. thanks for all RPA !!- Parent POSSIP Comment, March 2021

"I’m proud of Mr D and all the teachers. I know it’s tough times and lots going around the world. It’s important to educate what’s going on relevant as well." - Parent POSSIP Comment, Jan. 2021

I really appreciate Ms. B and her soft yet effective way of talking about racism and Prejudice with the second graders. It's hard topics but I love listening to her teach them. She has a wonderful way of approaching these hard subjects. Thank you! - Parent POSSIP Comment, Jan. 2021

"Las maestras son muy buenas y siempre son cordiales con los ni}os e imparten muy bien sus clases. TRANSLATION: The teachers are very good and are always cordial with the children and teach their classes very well." - Parent POSSIP Comment, Oct 2020

"My child's teacher has done an obsessively thorough job staying on top of academics, doing so with humor and grace. In this weird year, I can't imagine anyone doing a better job of making it feel like 'normal' school." - Parent POSSIP Comment, Oct 2020

" Mr. Walker has been a conscientious and caring guide through the craziness. His steadiness has helped the children maintain a sense of normalcy in a highly abnormal environment." -Parent POSSIP Comment, Oct. 2020

" Mr. Morgan it's a very delicate teacher who loves his job and it's reflected every day thanks to Mr. Morgan for your hard work even on weekends." - Parent POSSIP Comment, May 2020

"The entire distance learning process has been great for us and has not had any issues. Mr. D has been attentive and responsive when (student) reaches out with any questions or concerns. I've heard stories from other parents across the country about their distance learning plans and how involved the parents are in the day to day learning and activities and I am so blessed that Rockwood is doing the online options and I don't have to be my child's teacher. Thank you!"  -Parent POSSIP Comment, May 2020

Yes! Miss gains just stopped by and it was wonderful. We have been depressed so her visit was much needed. Not only did she come to check on us, but she also brought us food to help too! We just love her. ❤️". -Parent POSSIP Comment, May 2020

"Teachers are doing such an amazing job with the children and being clear on videos. I appreciate the support and attention being given through zoom and other means". -Parent POSSIP Comment, April 2020

"The safety of our children is y'all main focus and I am HAPPY that my child attends this school. Thank you for an awesome experience & definitely to all the teachers as well as staff for being awesome!. I really enjoy seeing the principal greet the children as they arrive at school." -Parent POSSIP Comment, March 2020

"I love how much my daughter is learning! She is above and beyond my expectations for a first grader! Thank you ROCKWOOD!" -Parent POSSIP Comment, February 2020

"The teachers seem to have great relationships with their students. I always hear staff members always greeting students by names and everyone always seems to be happy." -Parent POSSIP Comment, February 2020

"Me gusta mucho la diversidad en la escuela no solo con alumnos pero también con maestros y personal. Creo que los maestros en realidad están interesados en ayudar a los alumnos a sobre salir. "  -Parent POSSIP Comment, January 2020

"It's good, my kids love Rockwood preparatory academy school so much and we are seeing amazing improvements on them every week."  - Parent POSSIP Comment, January 2020

"The teachers seem to have great relationships with their students. I always hear staff members always greeting students by names and everyone always seems to be happy." - Parent POSSIP Comment, January 2020

"I love all the staff/teacher's (who you see in everyday interactions) genuinely care about the children. It amazes me how they know the kids on a first name basis it makes my girls happy to be seen and noticed every day." - Parent FB Comment, January 2020

"I love how everything gets addressed so fast, and taken care of. The teachers and staff are amazing!" - Parent FB Comment - January 2020

"RPA has helped my son in so many ways. Not just sweep him under a rug or left him behind."  - Parent FB Comment - January 2020

"Miss Qutub responded rather quickly to me on Class Dojo and I really did appreciate that".  - Parent FB Comment - March 2018

" Front office does a great job of keeping me informed of my child's needs."  - Parent Comment - March 2018

"I love how things are coming together with the PTO...John Nelsen is so very sweet and has some great plans and ideas for improvement of the school. -Parent POSSIP Comment, March 2018

"The staff is friendly and wonderful."  -Parent Google Review Comment - March 2018-

"Keep up the great work!"  - Parent Comment - March 2018

“The enrichment programs are AWESOME! My children live the programs.  It is nice to see more enrichment. Academics have always been on point sent RPA, but I like seeing other education as well.”  - Parent Comment - Feb. 2018

“I love how kids are welcomed every morning by Mr. Nelsen. I also want to give a big thank you to Bond for the everyday work she does with my second grader. - Parent Comment - Feb. 2018

“ I am so happy to have [student name’s] teacher, & so many other staffs around my son. I would like to thank each one of the teachers & staff for everything you guys do for [student name].   - Parent Comment - Feb. 2018

“We had a robust, honest, and results-oriented discussion about school safety last night. Huge thanks to John Nelsen for facilitating it and guiding the conversation towards actual solutions!” - Parent Comment - Feb. 2018

“Yesterday, on the way home from school[student name]  was telling me how lucky she was to be at RPA.” - Parent Comment - Feb. 2018

“We're sorry, but the enrichment programs are AWESOME! My children live the programs. It in nice to see more enrichment. Academics have always been on point sent RPA, but I like seeing other education as well. "  - Parent Comment - Feb. 2018

“We chose Rockwood Prep for the Direct Instruction model they use. The teachers and staff are the best - caring, creative and supportive! My kids have done very well here and I encourage all parents to explore available educational options.” - Google review – 2017/18

“My now third grader has gone here since the very beginning. She has excelled in every category possible. Teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a few more years with Rockwood prep :-)”. - Google review – 2017/18

“I love this school. It makes my kids feel part of something great. Very cultural environment. Amazing, kind staff and teachers. Great education. Our future.” - Google review – 2017/18

“The staff is very friendly and welcoming. My children love this school! My children have shown a big academic growth. Thank you Rockwood Preparatory Academy!”  - Google review – 2017/18

“My son loves RPA. All the teachers and staff care for and want the best for our kids and it shows. My favorite feature of RPA is the learning ability groups, so each child can learn at the level best for them - even if that is above or below grade level - and every child can grow and excel.” - Google review – 2017/18

“My daughter has excelled in the 3 years she's been attending. She at least one grade above her level in 3 of her classes and the teachers are great!”   -Google review – 2017/18