Like any public school, there is quite a bit of paperwork parents/guardians are required to complete in order to enroll at RPA. 

 The VERY FIRST STEP in enrolling your child is to complete an on-line pre-enrollment form!  There is a limit on available space and this time-stamped process reserves your child's 'place inl ine'.    

After you have completed the online pre-enrollment, and once you have decided to proceed with the RPA enrollment process, please print and complete the required forms provided below. 

If you can't print out the form NO PROBLEM!  just call or email the Registrar to schedule a time to pick the forms up.

Once you have completed the required paperwork,  please contact the school Registrar for submission instructions.

Mrs. Martinez at   OR call (503) 907-1023

Required Forms:



Maria MCCollum Principal (K-2)
Maria MCCollum Principal (K-2)

We look forward to meeting you!

At Rockwood Preparatory Academy experienced, effective educators work to deliver a scientifically-proven Direct Instruction (DI) Curriculum each day. Students at RPA excel in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Spelling.

Reading and Language Arts are taught in a small group rotation, allowing our teachers to offer extra support and practice for all students who need it.

Math is taught in a whole-group setting, with the support of an instructional aide.

. Our Spelling program aligns with our reading program, meaning your child will first learn to read, and then learn how to spell the words that they have mastered in reading!

By the end of our Kindergarten program, many students are able to fluently read 40-100 words per minute, spell the words they can read, solve plus and minus facts, skip count, and solve single-digit facts with automaticity!

As mentioned previously, Our teaching and learning model is build around Direct Instruction (DI).  We have provided the following videos and readings in order for parents to inform themselves fully about ur school.

Our Methodology:



Rockwood Preparatory Academy's (RPA) mission is to provide excellence and justice in education by ensuring that ALL students (K-5) can demonstrate rock-solid reading, arithmetic, spelling, and writing skills. We provide a model public elementary school that dispels the myth that racial background and economic status are determinant factors in a child's ability to reach high levels of academic achievement.

RPA Leadership envision a school community where:

  • Every child has access to a rich, rigorous, and foundational curriculum,

  • Every child understands the value of knowledge in creating life’s opportunities,
  • Every child receives the appropriate amount of time and support for mastery of content,
  • A safe and consistent setting that allows for exploration and calls for personal responsibility, and
  • All RPA families feel a unique and fulfilling sense of ownership and pride in their child’s education and school.