Rockwood Preparatory Academy

2017-18 Uniform Code

We cannot allow deviations from this code because such exceptions undermine the respect that students have for adhering to school expectations. Families who have concerns or questions should contact the school
Every student must wear the following:
• Navy blue, white, or khaki colored short or long sleeved polo-style (collared) shirt with or without the official KNOVA or Rockwood Preparatory Academy logo.
• Navy blue, white, or khaki colored dress pants, jumper, dress, skirt, or
• Shoes (any color) must be safe and easy to move in. Sandals must havea back on them. No flip flops.
Additional clothing requirements
• All clothing must be solid colored with no other patterns.
• Skirts and shorts must be longer than the bottom of the student’s fingertips.
• Students may not wear clothing with logos larger than a dollar bill, unless it is the official KNOVA or Rockwood Preparatory Academy logo.
• Jeans or jeggings are not accepted as school uniform.
• Students may wear leggings under dresses or skirts. Leggings and socks must be solid colored navy blue, white, brown, or black.
• Students may wear a navy blue, white, brown or black long sleeved t-shirt (not a sweatshirt or jacket) under the uniform shirt.
• As temperatures can fluctuate in the classrooms slightly, solid colored navy blue, khaki or white cardigans or sweatshirts are allowed to be worn in the classrooms. These sweaters must not have any logos larger than a dollar bill, except the KNOVA Rockwood Preparatory Academy logo. No large winter jackets may be on in the classroom or in the hallways. Students may wear any jacket outside.
• Once students enter the school building, wearing of hats, head wraps, bandanas, or kerchiefs are not permitted unless it is in accordance with religious observation.
This list is not designed to be comprehensive, but is designed to provide guidance on these items that could show up during the school year. Please check in the office or with any member of the Leadership Team if you have questions about a particular article of clothing.
The Rockwood Preparatory Academy uniform code is not intended to suppress speech or expression. Students have alternate ways to express themselves through, among other things, verbal and written speech in the classrooms.