Rockwood Preparatory Academy's (RPA's) mission is to provide excellence and justice in education by ensuring that ALL students (K-5) can demonstrate rock-solid reading, arithmetic, spelling, and writing skills. We provide a model public elementary school that dispels the myth that racial background and economic status are determinant factors in a child's ability to reach high levels of academic achievement.

The RPA family envisions a school community where:

  • Every child has access to a rich, rigorous, and foundational curriculum,
  • Every child understands the value of knowledge in creating life’s opportunities,
  • Every child receives the appropriate amount of time and support for mastery of content,
  • A safe and consistent setting that allows for exploration and calls for personal responsibility, and
  • All RPA families feel a unique and fulfilling sense of ownership and pride in their child’s education and school.
  • Our Values:

  • Rockwood Preparatory Academy enables students to realize their greatest potential, access opportunities for competitive colleges and careers, and become tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Children Come First: With every decision, we must ask the question, is this best for kids? We strive to put our kids in the middle of all of our conversations and decisions.
  • Respect for All: RPA is a place where teachers can openly and honestly share their feedback. The reality of this work is that our teachers have difficult jobs. Teachers should feel safe to communicate about their feelings and challenges in an effort to find the best way to serve our students.
  • Meet All Children Where They Are: At RPA, we place students at their instructional ability level for core subjects, creating a path to close the achievement gap by using frequent data to drive instruction and reward students for their successes along the way. Students’ self-esteem and love for school grow because they experience success. RPA creates an environment where all students succeed, every day.
  • All Children Are Loved: We love and respect all children. Rewards and successes are displayed publicly, reprimands and corrections are handled privately. At RPA, behavior monitoring systems are individual and private. Rewards and recognition are displayed publicly.


 (The End Depends Upon the Beginning)   

Our motto reminds students to vigorously approach each day as a new opportunity for excellence and that the effort they put into their educations from the beginning—of each day, of each school year, and of their educational career—will reap rewards later in life.  Hardworking students become productive adults.

John W. Nelsen  M.S.Ed. 

Executive Director
John W. Nelsen M.S.Ed. Executive Director