Rockwood Preparatory Academy (RPA) is accepting applications Grades K-5 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to the Corona Virus we are enrolling students electronically and via e-mail for the foreseeable future.

By filling out the short PRE-ENROLLMENT FORM you are indicating your intention to enroll your child at RPA and agree to enter your child into an enrollment lottery. A child must be entered into a new lottery each school year unless they are enrolled at RPA.  Returning students are guaranteed enrollment for the following year. Siblings of enrolled students are given enrollment preference.  If the number of applications for enrollment in a particular grade level is greater than the school's capacity, RPA will hold a lottery on April 1st, May 1st, and June 1st. You will be notified within one week of the lottery if your child is accepted for enrollment.


The VERY FIRST STEP in enrolling your child is to complete an on-line pre-enrollment form!  There is a limit on available space and this 'time-stamped' process reserves your child's place in line.  

New Student Forms:  If your child is new to the Reynolds School District and/or the State of Oregon there is some paperwork required in order to enroll at RPA. After you have completed the online pre-enrollment, please review and complete the required forms provided below. No printer? No problem! Email me to set up a time to pick up registration paperwork from the school! 

Required Forms:


Enrollment Process (under normal circumstances)

Enrollment Policies & Procedures
This enrollment policy is in accordance with Oregon Charter School law and guided by the policies of Rockwood Preparatory Academy.

General Information
All students who reside in the state of Oregon are eligible for admission to the Rockwood Preparatory Academy. Oregon Charter School law allows students to apply to the school from outside the school district without an inter-district transfer.

The schools official enrollment period begins January 1st for the following school year. Following this official enrollment period, should there still be available spaces; additional monthly enrollment periods will be added to fill the remaining spots. This monthly cycle following the official enrollment period is to ensure an expedited admission process and timely response back to families. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, students shall be selected through a lottery process at the end of the enrollment period. Details of this process are provided below.

Pre-Enrollment Procedure
Rockwood Preparatory Academy strongly encourages every parent attend a Parent Information Meeting or contact a RPA team-member directly in order to make an informed decision about the enrollment of their child. Enrollment meetings and a Kindergarten Round-Up events will happen annually. If you can not attend these events, we encourage you contact the office to arrange for a tour.

RPA’s intent is to promote a clear understanding of the school’s objectives and mode of operations to minimize the potential of families joining the school temporarily, based on unclear ideas of the nature of the school.

RPA will provide parents with an intent-to-apply form to complete in order to confirm their interest in the school. At the end of the enrollment period, should there be adequate spaces, the school will contact the parents and start the application procedure. If the demand exceeds the school capacity for a specific class, a lottery will be held for that class.

The Lottery Process
Applicants will be separated into two different categories – in-district and out-of-district. The applicants intent-to-apply will be placed in two separate covered containers according to the categories. Priority will be given to resident applicants in the following manner: the process will start with drawing the resident applicants names first until all names in this container are drawn or until all available spots are filled. If spots remain after all resident applicant’s are placed, the remaining spots may be filled by out-of-district applicant’s using a similar process. The drawing shall be made in the presence of at least two unbiased persons. Exemption from the lottery process will be granted to siblings of children already enrolled (or during the first year, of those selected by lottery).

Waiting List
After all students are admitted, the name drawing continues to establish a waiting list for each class. Intent-to-apply forms will be numbered as they are drawn and the order in which they are drawn will determine the applicant’s place on the waiting list.

Parents will be notified at the end of the enrollment period, as soon as the results are known, whether their child was enrolled or placed on the waiting list and if so in what position.

Application Procedure
Following notification, all students admitted will receive an application packet with an application form, a health record form and other school information forms. It is the parent’s responsibility to return the complete application packet by the appropriate deadline to enroll the student.

Non-Discrimination Policy
The Board and employees of Rockwood Preparatory Academy represent a diverse group of people with a common commitment to the equality of opportunity for all. RPA does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status, national origin, color, or disability.