The RPA Registrar is now accepting pre-registrations for the 2023-24 school

Application & Enrollment

General Information
All students who reside in the state of Oregon are eligible for admission to Rockwood Preparatory Academy (Public Charter School). Oregon Charter School law allows students to apply to the school from outside the school district without an inter-district transfer.


IMMEDIATE ENROLLMENT:  We are currently not accepting new students.

ENROLLMENT FOR NEXT FALL: Pre-Enrollment is currently underway for the 2023-2024 school year.

As per our Charter School Agreement, priority will be given to students as follows:
* Current students
* Siblings of current students
* Students residing in Reynolds School District
* Out-of-district students

In the event that RPA receives more pre-registrations than there are openings in a specific grade, a random lottery will be held on the first business days of March, April, and May to select students for admission

For each grade, the student. applications are divided into two groups: In-District and Out-of-District. Once the lottery is conducted, all students who have been selected for admission will be notified. The remaining students will be placed on a waitlist for future lotteries/openings.

Following notification, all students admitted will receive an application packet. It is the parent’s responsibility to return the complete application packet by the appropriate deadline to enroll the student. Students are not officially enrolled until all paperwork is complete and turned in to the school office.