While Rockwood Preparatory Academy is a public school,  it is governed by the "KNOVA Learning Oregon"  board of directors.  These volunteers provide fiscal oversight, establish organizational policy, adopt the RPA annual budget, and hire/support/evaluate the Executive Director.   We are ever grateful for their ongoing commitment and sacrifices on behalf of our school community.

KNOVA Board meetings are normally held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:30pm and include a “public to be heard” during which time community members are able to address the Board of Directors.


Board Chair- Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Fladoos, DC

Recently retired, Dr. Fladoos has helped thousands of patients in the East County  since beginning his practice in 1976.  While a chiropractic physician by trade, Dr. Fladoos has been a long-time champion of school choice.  As a founding board member of Mastery Learning Institute (Arthur Academy) Dr. Fladoos was instrumental in establishing the region’s first highly-effective charter schools.  As a founding board member of RPA/KNOVA Learning, Jerome (“Jerry”) brings leadership, wisdom, direction, and passion in helping the school reach towards its mission.

Director Ana Weakland

Ana Weakland brings a wealth of energy, insight, and community advocacy to the board.  Ana is one of two RPA parents currently serving on the board. Ana works for Multnomah County and has earned certifications as a Community Health Specialist and Return to Work Specialist.  Ana holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming.  She brings an understanding of trauma-informed practices that affect individuals and communities served by RPA. Ana is fluent in English, Spanish and Mayan.

Director Preston Salami

Board and raised in Portland , Preston Salami and his wife Tara are raising two daughters ages 11 and 9.  Preston  has worked in the Portland community for the past 20 years and the past 11 years for Wells Fargo Bank.  Preston is currently  an Assistant Vice President for Well Fargo Bank managing it's branch at 181st and Stark. Preston has volunteered locally with programs like SMART, GREAT, and DARE. Currently Mr. Salami is in his twelfth year as a mentor at St. Mary’s School for Boys.   " I’m am looking forward to working with Rockwood prep board, I believe my skill set and contacts along with Wells Fargo’s commitment to helping our communities and youth, will be an asset to the Rockwood prep board."

Director Catherine Nicewood - Board Secretary

Catherine has as big a heart for the Rockwood neighborhood as anyone. As long-time President of the Rockwood Neighborhood Association her courageous, insightful, and selfless leadership is an inspiration to everyone she touches. Catherine is active in her church, music and a myriad community-based activities in service of our community.

Director Jeff Reynolds

As a Rockwood Prep dad, President of the Rockwood Kiwanis Club, freelance writer and local  activist, Director Reynolds brings energy, passion and an understanding of local government to board deliberations.  A graduate of Connecticut College and Eagle Scout, Director Reynolds also volunteers to oversee RPA’s growing Scouting troops.

Director Tina Long

As Superintendent of Exalt Education in Little Rock Arkansas, Tina is an invaluable source of ground-level teaching experience she has accumulated since early in her career as a successful teacher at the Arthur Academies.