Upcoming Meetings

RPA is overseen by the Board of Directors of KNOVA Learning Oregon.  While there is some variation during the school year, the Board holds regular business meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM.  All meetings are held in accordance with public meeting laws. Call the office for specific room location, as locations vary by technological needs and number of individuals in attendance.

All Board meetings are held at Rockwood Preparatory Academy unless posted otherwise.

Next Meeting:  

Tuesday Jan. 28th, 2020 @ 4:30 PM

Board meetings are always open to the public and school parents are encouraged to attend. For those who wish to make a statement to the Board, a "Public To Be Heard" segment is included on all regular Board meeting agendas. This is an opportunity for non-board members to enter formal statement onto the record. Speakers should not have the expectation that board members will directly respond to their statement. The Executive Director and Board Chair will respond at an appropriate future time.

If you would like to contact board members, please contact Annette Marion, Executive Assistant/Board Secretary, at amarion@RockwoodPrep.org.

Previous Board Meeting Agendas
All Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available in the office.